Coronavirus Response Toolkit

In response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Ad Council - in partnership with the federal government, public health partners, board member companies, major media networks and digital platforms – has launched a series of national PSAs and multi-channel content to provide critical and urgent messages to the American public about Coronavirus.


Thank you for supporting us in spreading these key messages. 

The Coronavirus Response campaign includes a variety of research-based, targeted efforts focusing on mask use, social distancing, mental health, and more. These PSAs are intended to reach individual communities with messaging that resonates and addresses each audience’s unique motivators and barriers to action. Specific audiences include all Americans, conservatives, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans and Gen Z.

Share these critical messages to help educate the public during this unprecedented time. This toolkit is updated in-real-time to reflect the most pressing needs. For more information, visit To learn about key findings on the public’s attitudes and behaviors, please review the Ad Council’s research reports.