Safe Gun Storage- End Family Fire

As a result of COVID-19, families across the country are facing disruption to their daily lives. Social distancing and school and daycare closures mean that millions of children will be spending more time at home, many in close proximity to firearms. It’s critically important at this time that parents and caregivers take steps to protect children in their home from family fire - shootings involving an improperly stored or misused gun found in the home, resulting in death or injury.

Campaign Objective: Introduce the American public to the term “family fire,” which gives a name to a subset of gun violence involving an improperly stored or misused gun found in the home resulting in death or injury, and invites conversation about the risks that  guns pose and offers ways to mitigate them.

Target Audience: Gun owners, who frequently have children in the home, that share a deep desire for protecting their family, home and community; many bring guns into their homes because they want to protect their families and loved ones

Emergency Preparedness- FEMA

As Stay at Home orders swept across the country and local regions, Americans were curious about what “staying home” meant for them. Can they go outside? Can they see friends or loved ones? How do they safely go to the store? FEMA and CDC partnered to answer questions about what it means to stay at home and help slow the spread of coronavirus.

Campaign Objective: Inform Americans about what staying at home means and how to stay home safely. 

Target Audience: General Public 

Call-to-Action: Stay home and practice social distancing if you go outside or make essential trips.

Wildfire Prevention

Spending time outdoors has never felt more valuable. However, as Americans are preoccupied with coronavirus, they may not have wildfire prevention top of mind or know how their behavior when recreating outside can impact this issue during this time. 

Campaign Objective: Raise the importance of being responsible with fire and other fire prevention techniques during the coronavirus pandemic and empower families to continue taking certain safety precautions when visiting the outdoors.

Target Audience: Outdoor recreationists (18-34), parents/caregivers visiting the outdoors with family, and wildland urban interface (WUI) residents

Call-to-Action: Help keep our safe places safe. Learn more at