Higher Risk Awareness

The Ad Council, in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), worked with NBCU to develop PSAs that inform Americans about the steps they can take to protect themselves and slow the spread of Coronavirus.

Campaign Objective: Educate Americans about who is most at-risk of serious illness from coronavirus and the steps they can take to protect themselves and others and slow the spread. 

Target Audiences

  • Priority Target – Higher Risk Populations (65+ and those with serious underlying medical conditions such as lung disease, diabetes, heart disease, severe obesity or those who are undergoing cancer treatment)
  • Secondary Target - General Public

Call-to-Action: Learn about the higher risks you face from coronavirus at coronavirus.gov. 


In partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Ad Council developed these create critical ads that educate Americans on the steps they can take to protect themselves and others from Coronavirus. 

Campaign Objective: Educate Americans about the important steps they can take to protect themselves and others from Coronavirus; steps include social (physical) distancing, washing hands frequently, and wearing a face covering in public. 

Target Audience: General Public

Call-to-Action: Those without symptoms can still carry Coronavirus. To protect yourself and others: stay home (if you can), avoid close contact with others, wash your hands for 20+ seconds and disinfect frequently touched surfaces. Learn more ways to protect yourself and others at coronavirus.gov.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is the best way to protect your health and your community. Staying home, if you can, can help save lives. We’re in this together


Campaign Objective: Educate Americans about the steps they can take to protect themselves, their family and community and, in doing so, slow the spread of the coronavirus. #AloneTogether - Social Distancing focuses on clearly defining what social distancing is, why it’s important, and asks everyone to stay at home when possible. 

Target Audience: General public, with a focus on young adults

Call-to-Action: By staying home, you can help save lives. We’re in this together. Learn more at coronavirus.gov.


Shepard Fairey and Thomas Wimberly Illustrations

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Amplifier.org is running a global open call to source COVID-19 artwork, and select pieces were turned into PSAs for use in digital outdoor, print and static banners in support of the Ad Council’s public health messages. Featuring artwork from independent artists, the first round of assets includes custom work from Shepard Fairey and Thomas Wimberly.

Campaign Objective: Encourage Americans to stay home during the coronavirus crisis to save lives

Target Audience: General public

Call-to-Action:  Stay Home.  coronavirus.gov

Family Care

Sesame Street

In response to the unprecedented uncertainty facing young children and families, Sesame Workshop launched the Caring for Each Other initiative. Its goal is to help families stay physically and mentally healthy as the coronavirus pandemic continues. The initiative includes animations on healthy habits, resources providing comfort, and activities that caregivers can use to spark learning in areas like reading, math, science, and more.

Campaign Objective: Help caregivers and young children worldwide navigate the new reality in the coronavirus pandemic.

Target Audience: Caregivers and young children

Call-to-Action: Visit SesameStreet.org/Caring


Stay Here-O's

To help stop the spread of coronavirus, we are introducing an elite force of superheros to help parents combat this super villain -- Dr. Distancio, the Great Hygiene and General Feels.

Campaign Objective: Help parents and children to slow the spread of coronavirus by providing tips and resources specific to families on social/physical distancing, personal hygiene, and mental health.

Target Audience: Parents of kids 5-13

Call-to-Action: Visit StayHereOs.org to learn how to help your kids become Stay Here-Os